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Plant Doctor CHAMPION fertiliser pellets

In search of the perfect Fertiliser…..

In 1999 our Senior Horticulturalist, Daniel FitzHenry, was commissioned, by the late Dr Harry Goodman (ex. Hapsleigh Horticulture) to find the “perfect fertiliser”. Today, with help from scientists, farmers and staff, we can say that we now have a new, revolutionary sustainable fertiliser for you. One without “Toxic Chemicals” nor derived from animal “Manures”.

Why is Champion Fertiliser revolutionary?

Nitrogen (N) is the nutritional element most in demand by plants and is often lacking, i.e. with plants having yellowing leaves as a result.

Until now, home gardeners have had only two choices;

a) Chemical fertilisers that contain man-made forms of nitrate, ammonium or ammonia, or

 b) Manures. Or a blend of both.

In Champion Fertiliser, the nitrogen is in its “organic” form as it has been harvested by nitrogen fixing bacteria (NFB). These “Rhizobium bacteria” in the soil, collect freely available atmospheric nitrogen and store the nitrogen in plant root nodules. The nitrogen is then transferred from the roots to the growing plant tips, these plant tips are then trimmed by our farmers and collected to become the basis of “Champion Fertiliser”. Thus we are provided with a sustainable, natural nitrogen and also all other essential nutrients, a complete nutritional PLANT food source.

A fertiliser made by plants, for plants. Farmers and Nature working together……”Nurturing Nature”.

Recent lab tests have shown that the organic nitrogen content of our Champion Fertiliser is 4.5% (N) Nitrogen and 2% (Ca) Calcium with an amazing 45% (C) carbon. Which is unlike any other fertiliser product on the market. These facts alone make it revolutionary!

Champion Fertiliser Benefits:

  1. Is sustained released – distributed evenly for up to 12 weeks

  2. Is non-leaching compared to other fertilisers incl. soluble fertiliser

  3. Does not dump in extremely hot temperatures, works perfectly well in cold temperatures, unlike controlled release fertiliser where the coating or polymer shell shrinks and prevents the uniform release of fertiliser.

  4. Contains “Triacontanol”, the world’s most powerful root hormone/plant stimulant.

  5. Contains natural “anti-bacterial” and “anti-fungal” agents

  6. Contains a “natural wetter” to assist in moving water down to the plant roots.

  7. Unique “no-burn” Fertiliser

  8. No offensive odour

  9. Worm attractant, making the…..

  10. Best Soil Conditioner available, “breaking up clay soils” with the help of worms and “improves structure of hungry sandy soils”.

Champion Fertiliser contains a proprietary blend of many natural plant extracts, including the key active ingredient (a perennial flowering plant in the pea family, Fabaceae,) and others incl. extracts from the plum and palm families. To this base, we add Australian Rock Phosphate and Rock Dust, as well as 30 separate strains of beneficial microbes including Trichoderma, Bacillus and Vesicular Arbuscular Mycchorrizae, an amazing fungus that attaches itself to the root of your plants and can increase the root mass by 100 – 1000%! This means less wilting, a 50% increase in water availability and far more nutrient availability. There’s a well-known saying “your plants are only as good as their root system” so when fertilised by Champion fertiliser you will not only be “inoculating your plants” with these beneficial microbes but these microbes will increase your plant roots far better than another other fertiliser all by the forces of Nature, now that’s revolutionary!

Champion….a new creation = Mankind Nurturing Nature:

Champion Fertiliser is revolutionary because we have not, as most fertiliser makers do, just copied from other fertilisers. We set our guidelines and rejected anything that didn’t fit Dr Harry’s criteria. Like the ancient mariners we followed our own North Star (the Principals’ Dr Harry laid out) until we found what we were looking for.

What we found, when we tested Champion Fertiliser, was that growers experienced up to a 200% growth increase compared to when they used the leading organic fertiliser. Flower growers also noticed an increase in the size and density of colour of their flowers, (that they hadn’t had previously).

So why were the plants doing so much better with Champion Fertiliser than with chemical and manure based fertilisers with similar rations of N:P:K?

The main plant base of Champion Fertiliser contains a natural plant stimulant or growth hormone. This natural root stimulant is far superior to synthetic root growth stimulants. One tomato grower found that by putting 117kg of Champion Fertiliser (pellets) sprinkled around the roots of his tomato plants, he got a 10 tonne yield increase just on one hectare of land.

There are three main pillars supporting the success of Champion Fertiliser

  1. Key ingredient is “plant derived (balanced) nutrients” also includes 45% carbon.

  2. A natural wetter/surfactant/detergent that breaks down the waxy residues and oil in the soil that would normally prevent water flowing down to the roots. Bubbles and froth is released for up to three months, allowing water and fertiliser to penetrate hydrophobic soil. This natural wetter is constantly released when water is applied, either through rain dew or watering.

  3. A powerful natural growth hormone/root stimulant (Triacontanol) that produces amazing crop growth. Not available with chemical and /or manure fertilisers.


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