AgriPlus Premium Granular Leonardite (Certified Organic) 4.5kg

Soil conditioner & fertiliser additive

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A Premium granular Leonardite used as a soil conditioner and fertiliser additive, containing 70% humic acid. Agri-Plus has perhaps the highest concentration of both humic and fulvic acids available.

Agri-Plus™ is a concentrated, dry granular soluble humus formulation with a 30-year track record for performance and ease of use.  Containing abundant concentrations of plant active humic substances, Agri-Plus™ reputation for consistent results has made it the standard to which all humic products are compared. Agri-Plus™ is compatible with all dry fertilizers, including urea containing blends.


  • Concentrated for convenience and cost savings
  • Lower application rates with greater effectiveness as compared to other dry granular humic products
  • Improved nutrient availability to plants
  • Blend with dry fertilizers or apply as standalone application

Soil structure improvements:

  • Increases nutrient retention in fast draining soils
  • Aggregates soil particles for improved drainage and stability
  • Buffers sodic or saline soil conditions reducing yield drag



Recommended application rate



Soil conditioner

4-12 grams / m2

40-120 kg / Ha



Turf & Lawn                               

4-12 grams / m2
40-120 Kg / Ha



Potting mix additive/conditioner                               

0.5-1.5kg / m3
5-15 Kg / 10m3



Fertiliser additive

Add at 2-5% of total mix

(mix well before applying)


Typical Data - Random Sample

Element/Chemical Analysis               As Received

Nitrogen                                                     1.04 %
Phosphate (P2O5)                                 < 0.10 %
Potash (K2O)                                          < 0.10 %
Boron                                                             59 ppm
Sulfur                                                          1.04 %
Magnesium                                                0.03 %
Sodium                                                       0.04 %
Iron                                                           6,740 ppm
Calcium                                                      0.22 %
Manganese                                             < 20.0 ppm
Zinc                                                                 36 ppm
Copper                                                    < 20.0 ppm
pH                                                                 2.8

Testing conducted by Midwest Laboratories, Omaha NE (USA), February 2011

All information offered is typical and neither states nor implies any guarantee.
Data contained herein is accurate and complete as can be determined at the time of this printing.
Any liability incurred with use of this data or the product names is disclaimed by us.


Awesome stuff

By: on 23 March 2019
I use liquid and this granular humic product as a regular part of my lawn care plan. I have really noticed the difference in the health of the lawn since i started applying it. Highly Recommended! AND very prompt service and super fast delivery!

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