Bio-Bubble a fizzy, fermented probiotic powerhouse! 2 Litre

antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, beneficial microbes

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Bio-Bubble™ contains billions of organisms per serve featuring multiple strains of beneficial gut organisms, including acidophilus and bifidus (in live form).

  • Contains food-derived minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, all in biologically digested form.
  • Also includes free amino acids, enzymes and billions of beneficial gut organisms.
  • Our largest selling probiotic - thousands of customers throughout the world rely on Bio-Bubble™.

Digestive health and radiant wellness are synonymous and many of us would benefit from boosting the biology responsible for digestion. Lacto-fermented foods have been the mainstay of of extended vitality for thousands of years in many cultures. Bio-Bubble represents a return to this tradition. Our market research involving Bio-Bubble™ suggests that there can be tremendous benefits associated with rebuilding the ‘microbe bridge’.

Recommended Usage:

50 to 150 mL per serve (per day)
Intensive bio-balancing may require up to three Litres per week (initially).
Ideal additive for baking bread - Use instead of water (up to 150 mL per loaf of bread).


No Artificial Colouring, Flavouring or Preservatives. Non-Dairy.

Malt, Organic Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice. Fermented Grains and Legumes: Oats, Maize, Alfalfa Seed, BD Rice, Fresh Green Ginger, Linseed, Mung Beans, Rye Grain, Wheat, Millet. Filtered Water Added. Fermented with Natural Organic Lactobacillus Bacteria and Symbiotic Yeasts.


I am on a Candida diet and I see that Bio-Bubble™ contains honey – Can I still drink it?
- The honey is used in the fermentation process to feed the bacteria. The microbes digest the sugar as they multiply. Bio-Bubble™ is actually used by many therapists for rebalancing Candida affected digestive systems.

How long will this product last in the fridge?
- 3 months after opening

The bottle didn't fizz when I opened it like it usually does. Have I got a bad batch?
- No, this is normal. As Bio-Bubble™ is naturally fermented, the level of 'fizz' changes from batch to batch.

I am Gluten Intolerant/I have Celiac's Disease – Can I still use this product?
- We have had many cases of gluten intolerant people taking Bio-Bubble™ without side-effects. The fermentation process seems to neutralise the reactions that many people experience. If you feel comfortable, we suggest trying a small amount and working your way up. Discuss this with your practitioner. We have also recently developed a probiotic product specifically for gluten-sensitive individuals called 'Bio-Bubble GS™'.


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