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Product Description

This bundle as put together for all the Ben Sims followers and other Lawn and Plant Lovers. It has a full range of prducts needed (except Natures Soil Wetter) to feed your lawn and plants. With regular use they will help improve the health of not only your plants and lawn, but also your soil and soil microbes decreasing the risk of disease and pest attack.

These products have been used successfully by Ben for many years, watch his video here.... Ben Sims Lawn Tips Special Mix video


Provides roughly 4,000m2 of coverage - This bundle includes:

1. 5lt Seaweed Secrets - Usually $45.00
Premium concentrated liquid seaweed‐based soil conditioner (similar to Seasol) but supercharged with humic and fulvic acid.

2. 4lt Activ8mate - Usually $49.95
A premium liquid fertiliser and soil inoculant providing a wide range of nutrients and stimulants to feed your lawn and plants, whilst helping kickstart and feed beneficial microbial population in the soil.

3. 4lt Quantum H - Usually $40.00
Helps improve soil structure (all types). Adds carbon and organic matter to the soil. Helps retain water in the soil, great microbe food, can help detox soils and buffer pH issues. Can be blended with most High-nitrogen based fertilisers to maximise their output and buffer the soil, can reduce chemical burn from cheap fertilisers.

4. 1lt Stimulizer - Usually $32.00
A concentrated Bio‐stimulant which can be added to all liquid additives to enhance their uptake by the grass/plants. Root stimulant, helps with root‐rot, can help detox soils and is a great microbe food. Just add 3ml/100m2 (or 10lt water) to any liquid product. Following the label or just add 3ml to any liquid product to improve its uptake and performance. (i.e Glyphosate/herbicides, liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners or use on its own).

5. 4lt Liquid Iron - Usually $45.00
Provides a highly available form of liquid Iron (Fe) with Sulphur to produce rich green colour in leaves & help correct to iron deficiencies in your lawn, plants & crops. The added Fulvic Acid will ensure quick uptake of the nutrients to provide fast results.

TOTAL VALUE = $211.95

15% discount = $31.79

TOTAL COST = $180.16


Product Application

Some helpful information….

Most of our liquid products can all be mixed and applied together, (The liquid iron products don’t like to be mixed as concentrates except Stimulizer, so add after the water has been added or apply separately if using a hose-on bottle and add after the water in watering can or pressure sprayer). Or they can be applied separately at various frequencies, based on the soil/plant/lawns requirements and condition.

Unfortunately, as there are a million things that effect the exact amount needed and the frequency of application for each product, there is no one fits all solution. Hence why the experts seem to always have nice looking gardens and lawns and the rest of us struggle… haha. Try mixing a small amount in a jar first (in the ratio you want) to see if a crystallisation occurs.

Regarding application, there are several ways our liquids can be applied…..

Watering can: mix the amount suggested (typically 10-30ml)/9 litres of water.

Hose‐on Bottle (Seasol/weed ‘n feed etc.) or hortex sprayer: mix the minimum amount of water with the product/s to allow you to cover the required area/s. For example, for my front yard, using an old weed n feed hose-on bottle I add 100ml of each Seaweed Secrets, Activ8mate and Natures Soil Wetter, then top up with enough water to allow you to evenly cover it using the hose-on bottle (I add about 600ml water), then evenly hose-on. If using a Hortex sprayer on setting 2 without the restrictor, you shouldn’t need to add water, but if you do, just add as little amount to cover the required area.

EZFLO Fertigation System (We sell them on our site): An easy way to apply concentrated fertilisers to your lawn, plants and gardens. As easy as adding your concentrated liquid fertilisers (together if they are compatible) directly into its cannister, connect to the hose or irrigation system, adjust the setting to the dilution  rate/amount  of  fertiliser  to  be  applied  (4  settings  from  fast  to  slow  that  correspond  to  the recommended application rates on the products) and away you go. If connecting to a hose, you can hose straight on with your normal hose nozzle or even connect a sprinkler (and timer if you like) and let it do the hard work for you. Great for small lawn maintenance businesses or larger properties too as you can set and leave, then move to the next area as required, fertilising whilst you’re doing other maintenance.

Pressure/knapsack sprayer: All our products will benefit the soil and last longer when in the soil, so applying with enough water to get them into the soil is key. As they are supercharged with complex organic compounds, the leaf absorbs what it needs within minutes, so don’t need to stay on the leaf. Therefore, you need about 15 litres (a little more or less won’t hurt) of water to be applied per 100m2, so take that into consideration when applying. If you have a smaller sprayer, either do several smaller applications i.e. covering 50m at a time and repeat until the entire area is covered, or over a larger areaspray with the required amount and if you haven’t used 15 litres/100m2, give a light water-in.

Popular Questions

Question: What coverage do you get from the medium bundles?

Answer: The small bundles provide roughly 4,000m2 of coverage.


Seaweed Secrets FAQ:

Question: How soon after spraying Seaweed Secrets can I mow?

Answer: It’s best to give your lawn 8-12 hours after application before you mow. The longer you leave it, the better.


Question: Should I mow my lawn before or after application?

Answer: It’s best to apply after mowing.


Question: How often should I apply this product?

Answer: Seaweed Secrets should be applied every 2-4 weeks or weekly if required.


Question: How much of this product should I apply?

Answer: The standard application rate is 75-100ml for every 100m2.


Question: Which method of application is better for applying Seaweed Secrets? Hortex sprayer or backpack sprayer?

Answer: Either way is sufficient, it comes down to preference. If applying with a backpack or pressure sprayer, it’s best to water-in. If applying with a Hortex, there’s no need to water-in.


Activ8mate FAQ:

Question: How often should I apply this product?

Answer: Activ8mate should be applied every 2-4 weeks.


Question: How much of this product should I apply?

Answer: The standard application rate is 75-100ml for every 100m2.


Question: How soon after spraying Activ8mate can I mow?

Answer: It’s best to give your lawn 8-12 hours after application before you mow. The longer you leave it, the better.


Question: Should I mow my lawn before or after application?

Answer: It’s best to apply after mowing.


Question: What ingredients does this product contain?

Answer: Activ8mate contains a unique blend of nutrients, blood and bone, seaweed, fish, PSG (Peruvian Seabird Guano), humic and fulvic acid and triacontanol.


Nature's Soil Wetter FAQ:


Question: What’s the best way to apply Nature’s Soil Wetter?

Answer: Nature’s Soil Wetter works best when in the ground so if applying with a pressure sprayer, you should water-in after application. Otherwise, apply with a hose-on bottle.


Question: How often should I apply this product?

Answer: Nature’s Soil Wetter should be applied once every month, but more often if you’re trying to adjust the soil structure.  


Question: How much of this product should I apply?

Answer: The standard application rate is 100ml for every 100m2. If treating once every season, use 300ml.


Question: How soon after spraying Nature’s Soil Wetter can I mow?

Answer: It’s best to give your lawn 8-12 hours after application before you mow. The longer you leave it, the better.


Question: Should I mow my lawn before or after application?

Answer: It’s best to apply after mowing.

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Great stuff

By: on 27 June 2022
My lawn has never looked better after using these products. Do yourself a favour and buy.

Lawn Lovers Bundle

By: on 22 April 2022
Awesome package! Love throwing the backpacker sprayer on and applying this mix. Works a treat between granular ferts.

Great product for lawn

By: on 15 March 2022
This bundle is great value - it has helped to keep my lawn healthy and green. It has a good selection of liquid products which also come with helpful instructions.

A Special Mix

By: on 23 January 2022
Using this mix has kept pushing the colour and growth of my lawn further into winter and then kicked the recover off sooner than you would expect with just your basic seasonal granular applications. Can definitely recommend foliar feeding this mix.

Great products

20 January 2022
Greats products, and at a good price. And super easy to use.

Great value bundle

By: on 11 January 2022
I got this when it was called the Ben Sims lawn tips bundle - great selection of products and has really greened up my tired old lawn

Great products

By: on 24 December 2021
Effective and quick results. So beneficial for both my garden and lawn. Also, unlike many other fertilisers each and every product in this bundle does not cause any leaf burn. I am about to place another order now :-)


By: on 23 November 2021
awesome product with great results

Perfect mix

By: on 15 October 2021
It’s a perfect mix and a great price. So easy to use and keeps my lawn looking good

Awesome products!

By: on 14 October 2021
A great bundle with great products!

Great bundle

By: on 22 September 2021
New to the lawn scene and stumbled across the special mix via Lawntips on Youtube. These products have been amazing for the lawn - the grass has a darker green colour and is growing much better compared to last season. One week post renovation and most of the lawn has recovered and filled in already!! Will definitely be purchasing this again.

Highly recommended, hands down !!

By: on 24 August 2021
Ben sims special mix from plant doctors give amazing results, best products and it’s organic, been using for a year now.

Great product

By: on 11 August 2021
Super happy with the results from this pack, this is now my second purchase of it!

Great Bundle

By: on 11 August 2021
The products are fantastic and has my lawn looking fantastic all year round!

Special mix for the win

By: on 2 June 2021
Can’t rate this special mix bundle high enough, its made a huge difference to my lawn already, works out cheaper in the bundle aswell

Great product

By: on 2 June 2021
Great product

Good place to start for the beginner

By: on 11 May 2021
I’ll start with the ordering process from plant doctor. Website was easy to navigate and full of info, the delivery time was second to none, ordered Monday received Wednesday. Products have clearly marked and easy to understand directions. Mix in sprayer together and spray on lawn. Leave on for few hours so the iron can be Absorbed and then water in the rest of the products. Can’t get any simpler and results have taken my lawn to next level in colour and health over the last few months of using them. Highly recommend

Best thing I did for my lawn and plants

By: on 20 April 2021
My plants are now taller than me but my wife hates me and she says our house is now a rainforest. My lawn is still by a mile the best lawn in our street.

Great Products - all together

By: on 1 April 2021
This was the perfect product set for me. I am a lawn newbie and it allowed me to get everything I need in the right sizes with just one purchase. All the products are naturally based and have had great results on my lawn and garden plants!

Incredible value for money

By: on 20 February 2021
Can’t rate this stuff high enough, made a huge difference to my lawn


By: on 2 February 2021
ive been using PD products for years and have also followed ben, yo mate what up, decided to pull the trigger on this as i took my lawn a lot shorter this season, the humic product and additional iron is next level when combined with the other products. The lawn and root structure just seem so much stronger then past seasons. Colour is off the charts

Great value for money

By: on 26 January 2021
I recently purchased the Ben Sims pack and must say its great value for money, everything you need to grow a healthy lawn. The service from order to delivery was great with my delivery arriving within a few days.


By: on 26 January 2021
Had some fun with the small bundle and without doubt upgraded to the Medium, this will keep me busy for a while!

Ben you little beauty!

By: on 9 January 2021
Thank you PD and Ben Sims for collaborating on this bundle! All my liquid fert needs in one package! Love it!

Deep green and plant health

By: on 9 January 2021
Since using this mix, I have noticed the turf is far greener and overall showing greater health. It's so good, I bought it again!

Sensational mix

By: on 4 January 2021
I purchased the Ben Sims Lawn Tips pack for my instant turf couch and all of the products have been sensational. The improvement in my couch at a former residence, in which I did not use these products, and the couch at our new place, in which I use these products, is 10 fold. Very happy.

Great Beginners Bundle!

By: on 27 December 2020
Postage was so quick! Have been using these products for 5 weeks now and have seen significant improvement in the health of my lawn. Simple instructions to follow were in the box of goodies and will definitely be ordering more when I run out!

So worth it for the price!

By: on 9 December 2020
Bought this a few weeks ago now and honestly couldn't be happier! Lawn is so green healthy and the envy of everyone in the neighborhood! Thanks plant doctor!


By: on 4 December 2020
Recently acquired this back and dropped into on my zoysia which was having issues with a bit of dry patch , to say it’s transformed in a week is an understatement!!! Insane , and all organic without the nasties !! Awesome

Great starter pack!1

By: on 1 December 2020
Would recommend for the people starting their new lawn programme with this product and additional just add on the soil wetter pack with it. Fantastic service when you call if not answer they will call you back and super fast delivery. Would buy larger pack once this is used up and further product to try. Just love it

100% recommended!!

By: on 1 December 2020
Anyone that is even half serious in lawn care need to get themselves this mix. Formulated my lawn legend Ben Sims it covers almost everything you need in a liquid for your grass. Easy to mix and available in small, medium and large bundles. Have been blown away by the results and will continue to purchase and recommend


By: on 8 November 2020
Seriously can not fault this pack! It has basically everything you need to bring your lawn back nice and healthy. Will definitely be buying again!


By: on 24 October 2020
Been using this kit for a couple of weeks alternating between the liquid iron and activ8 and the difference it has made is incredible. My couch has started to fill in the bare patches and has alot more colour.


By: on 17 October 2020
Absolutely recommend these products

Lawn Enthusiast Essential!

By: on 6 October 2020
Great bundle of products to cover all your turf needs.

Highly Recommended

By: on 27 September 2020
Unreal service from these legends, fantastic prices, arrived super quick, my lawn has started to look absolutely unbelievable in only a few days! Top notch!

Awesome! 5stars

By: on 10 September 2020
Just received this pack as a first from plant doctor. What a bargain! Contains everything you need to get that lawn everyone wishes for! Quick shipping to top it off was really good!

Great Bundle

By: on 4 September 2020
Great combination of products.

Great stuff

By: on 23 August 2020
The part of the lawn that gets this through my easy flo certainly seems to go better than the sections that aren't covered by this combo.

Outstanding service

By: on 22 August 2020
Took two days to be delivered! All products came with description on application rates along with an informational sheet on all the products. Easy to order, quick delivery, great products!

Great products

By: on 11 August 2020
Before I purchased this pack I was just using Scotts all purpose with seasol. Been using this for a month now with a knapsack sprayer and can notice the difference already and its only winter.

Fantastic bundle!

By: on 9 August 2020
Great combination and a great bargain!

Great Products!

By: on 29 July 2020
Great mix of products! Got my yard from weeds to grass in no time!

Greener disease free lawn

By: on 27 July 2020
For those who haven't seen Ben Sim's on Youtube, watch him, he's hilarious. I've used this 'special mix' for some time on both Sir Walter and Tif Tuf, during the growing season. Green's the lawn magnificently, and will provide you with lots of new growth. Drop back to just using the liquid iron and seaweed secrets over the winter for warm season grasses.

Ben Sims mux

By: on 23 July 2020
Fantastic stuff. I would recommend to anyone who wants a green lawn.

Great value for money

By: on 22 July 2020
Just got my Ben Sims pack and stoked with the value for money and how quickly it arrived

Amazing results

By: on 28 June 2020
I am having fantastic results using these products on my sir Walter lawn and gardens

#1 Lawncare Bundle on the market!

By: on 18 June 2020
Can't speak highly enough of this product bundle. The results speak for themselves and it's amazing the difference that improving your soil health makes to lawn quality. Highly recommended!

Very happy

By: on 6 June 2020
Very happy with this selection of products and what is does to the soil and lawn. Also quick postage to WA as well.

A Good Fit

By: on 28 May 2020
I have used granular lawn treatment products in the past and thought I would try the liquid range in the Ben Simms Bundle. I was able to blend all (5) of the products plus the Natures Soil Wetter as an extra in my 15L back pack spray for my 800m2 couch lawn - what a time saver. It is only a week or two since applying and I can note a difference in the lawn health.

Great Value!!

By: on 27 May 2020
Great Savings. I'm still working my way through this pack. I love Ben's Special Mix combo. Big burst of colour between applications.

Great starter pack!

By: on 8 May 2020
I bought this pack after watching Lawn Tips, cant rate it highly enough! My lawn looks noticeably healthier and greener!


By: on 23 April 2020
Got these products after watching Lawn Tips and found it to be awesome. Great for organic nutrients and soil improver. Nice change in colour and feel as well. Highly Rate It 5 Stars

Excellent value and great results

By: on 24 March 2020
Applied this mix on a section of my lawn to see how it went compared to other sections. A big change in the colour and feel of the lawn, it became softer, greener and a lot healthier from only two applications. Will be applying now to the rest of my lawn and can't wait for the fantastic results to follow! Highly recommend this mix, it's great value and will last a long time if applied at the correct rates!

Don’t look back

By: on 21 March 2020
Wow! This stuff is great. I bought the Ben Sims small pack and my only regret is I didn’t go bigger. My lawn has beset looked better.

Outstanding Results!

By: on 21 March 2020
My couch lawn was looking very unhealthy. This was due to a combination of drought and extremely poor soil structure and health. Within 2 applications my lawn came to life. The lawn is creeping like crazy and my bare patches are shrinking rapidly. The soil has vastly improved moisture retention and I have never seen the lawn this thick!

Great Products and Company

By: on 10 March 2020
First time grass owner. Gave the team at plant doctor a ring and they gave me a wealth of information. Purchased this product, used it for the first time yesterday, so looking forward to seeing the results.

Great Bundle

By: on 20 January 2020
Great bundle pack offering good value for money. Has really helped my lawn establish nicely after being laid in November.

Great product!

By: on 23 December 2019
Applied as per instruction, and just watched my lawn take off! Seems to have improved the drought and heat tolerability too.


By: on 27 November 2019
Great mix of products, super fast shipping. Cannot recommend enough.

Excellent Products

By: on 25 November 2019
Great products which work fantastically. Always been a granular fert man so bought this to give it a go and was not disappointed with the results. Very easy to apply. Will be buying larger quantities next time!

1st Purchase of this pack

By: on 8 November 2019
Bit apprehensive buying liquid fert and so much variety. Not sure why I waited so long to purchase this pack, works amazingly, great results, time efficient and easy to apply.

Ben Sims Lawn Tips special mix fertiliser bundle -

By: on 4 November 2019
Love the pack, my lawn looking green and healthy. My soil health has improved. Good value pack.

Great results with a safe product

By: on 11 October 2019
Great mix. Ben and the plant doctor team are on a winner with this one. I applied as the label suggested and had great results. Low amount of product required so this mix does last a while. I have even upped the mix to give an extra kick and provides great green colour and healthy looking lawn. Even used the seaweed secrets and activate mate on the indoor plants. They love it.

Great Products and Great service

By: on 11 September 2019
Really good results from these products even after the first week, so simple to use and great delivery, will be buying more.

Great bundle and Quick shipping!

By: on 4 September 2019
Great bundle with all the products needed for the lawn tips mix and super quick shipping! Quality products and cheaper than the alternatives!

Give your lawn a boost

By: on 16 August 2019
Great products easy to mix and lawn is going crazy. Will be ordering more

Super happy with my Lovely Lawn

By: on 2 July 2019
Have used Ben Sims special tonic mix three times now and have found a definite difference in lawn appearance, grass condition and neighbor admiration. Passers by stop to talk these days when I'm in the front yard. Thank you Plant Doctor for supplying Ben's potion. Its always a quick, easy and super quick delivery experience.

andre doubov

9 June 2019
can't wait to use plant doctors products been told to use these products by a number of people, and the service from these guys are unbelievable, ordered my stuff on a Thursday evening had it sitting here the next day ready to use on the weekend great job guys.

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Customer Reviews


First time owning lawn. Gave the team at plant doctor a ring and they supplied me with a wealth of information. Products turned up quickly.


Will definitely be getting more 8 weeks difference been using stimulizer, activ8mate, soil wetter, seaweed secrets and champion fertiliser. Was super fast delivery.


Amazing products!! The results are excellent and the prices are even better! Postage was only 2 days as well. Highly recommended!


Only have great things to say about Plant Doctor. Organic products and a competitive price, fast shipping and easy to contact with questions. Have had great results with the special mix for lawns, and my plants (indoor and outdoor) love the seaweed secrets. I am excited to test out some of the animal products soon!

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