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We have put a group of our best selling products into a discounted value bundle for the Indoor plant or garden enthuisiast. See our other bundles for more great value options.

This bundle includes:

1. 5lt Seaweed Secrets - Usually $39.95
Premium concentrated liquid seaweed‐based soil conditioner (similar to Seasol) but supercharged with humic and fulvic acid.

2. 4lt Activ8mate - Usually $45.00
A super all‐purpose concentrated liquid Fertiliser, it contains a unique blend of nutrients, blood & bone, Seaweed, Fish, PSG (Peruvian Seabird Guano), humic and fulvic acid, and triacontanol. It’s also a great beneficial microbe food.

3. 1lt Natures Soil Wetter - Usually $14.00
A premium concentrated liquid soil wetting agent made from natural ingredients, helps water penetrate the surface of the soil and allows for improved watering. Helps to improve the soil structure.

4. 4.5kg Power Pellets - Usually $27.95
A certified Organic slow release fertiliser pellet. Not made from manure, so doesn't smell and it's nutrients feed for a true 2-3 months. Non-leaching so cant damage the environment or plants if over applied, even in the hottest temperatures.

5. 4.5kg Champion Mineral Fertiliser for Plants 3-4mth - Usually $36.00
A granular sustained release fertiliser, designed to provide an initial charge for the plant or lawn then provide sustained nutrition for up to 4 months. CHAMPION mineral fertiliser is very efficient, it reduces leaching by capturing free nutrients and storing them for release to the Plant/lawn and beneficial soil microbes on demand.

6. 1lt Stimulizer - Usually $32.00
A concentrated Bio‐stimulant which can be added to all liquid additives to enhance their uptake by the grass/plants. Root stimulant, helps with root‐rot, can help detox soils and is a great microbe food. Just add 3ml/100m2 to any liquid product. Following the label or just add 3ml to any liquid product to improve its uptake and performance. (i.e Glyphosate/herbicides, liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners or use on its own).

7. 750ml Neem Plant Spray - Usually $13.75
Contains certified Organic Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed) 85% and Organic wetting agent (15%). Great for use on all crops, trees, plants, flowers, fruits, vegies round the home as well as for organic and commercial growers. - Google "Neem for plants" to see what great benefits this can provide for your garden.

TOTAL VALUE = $208.65

20% discount = $41.73

TOTAL COST = $166.92



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