Salvation - Premium soil & plant conditioner - 1 litre

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The Macquarie Dictionary explains ‘Salvation’ as “The act of saving or delivering”.
Since man began working with the land, over countless centuries by using the raw materials contained in this product many sick or poor quality crops have been ‘saved and then successfully delivered’ to market.
Contained in this product are an army of beneficial microorganisms and whilst not fully understood, through the natural power and properties of Seaweed/Kelpworm extracts, or worm products, premium USA sourced humic acid, fulvic acid, along with brewed triacontanol, and silica.... this natural liquid product has the ability to:
· Increase disease resistance and drought resistance and assists in greater efficiency of water use.
· Build & repair the soil structure.
· Decrease plant stress and premature deterioration.
· Dramatically increase rhizosphere activity.
· Improve yield.
· Increase hardiness.
· Prevent wilting.
· Increase the efficiency of nitrate use and trace elements.
· Stimulate roots.
· Natural chelating agent.
· Increases the permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%
· Increase the size and number of legume root nodules.
· Increase seed germination & roots (fibrous) and leaf/ shoot growth.
· Help Buffer soil pH.
· Help Detoxify various pollutants (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals etc).
· Help increase shelf life.
· As a soil conditioner.
· Increases crop yield.
· To increase general hardiness of plant to reduce the chance of insect attack.
· To protect plants from root diseases.
· When valuable soil nutrients are locked up and unavailable.


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