Australian Lawn Fanatics Facebook page.....

Date Posted:24 November 2017 

For anyone who loves their lawn or turf, then Australian Lawn Fanatics (AUSLF) facebook page is for you. They have just passed the 14,000 member mark and still growing rapidly.

I have just joined their page and let me tell you, they are nuts about their lawns! Good on them!

One of their administrators recently used some of our products and see below for what he had to say.....

….Just giving you some feedback and an update mate... 1 week on from my first app of Seaweed Secrets & Activ8mate and I’m starting to see a little colour change & even the plants are starting to change a little. It’s bloody good gear mate and glad I’ve jumped on board.

I’ll be putting up a post on AUSLF .... as im a firm believer already of it being a great product!

Brett, Administrator at Australian Lawn Fanatics Facebook page (AUSLF)

Join them here:

Find our Lawn and garden products (including Seaweed Secrets and Activ8mate) here:

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