Back to the Jurassic - Introducing Jurassic Nutritional Therapy

Author: Adam Fitzhenry   Date Posted:17 July 2018 

Plant Doctor recently launched Jurassic Nutritional Therapy, a range of products offering a holistic health solution, and we understand this may have thrown up a few questions. For example, is this a variation of the paleo diet? Will you really be consuming fossils? And if so, how on Earth can this be good for your health?

The answers to those questions are simple: no, it’s nothing like the paleo diet; yes, you will be eating fossils, but it’s not like you’ll be chewing on a fibula bone; and yes, this holistic health approach has all kinds of benefits. 

The Jurassic Nutritional Therapy range consists of three Plant Doctor products: Fossil Shell Flour (diatomaceous earth), Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC), and Micronized VolcaMin

Derived from fossils, volcanoes and ancient earth chemical processes, each product is designed to provide unique benefits that, when combined, create a holistic health solution. All of these products include ingredients that have been entombed under the earth’s surface and in ancient and nutrient-rich soil deposits for over 20 million years, some more than hundreds of millions of years. 

In our last blog, the depletion of nutrient dense soil and produce, we talked about how modern farming practices, artificial fertilisers and high-yield crop production are reducing the amount of nutrients in soil and produce. With vitamin and mineral deficient diets a plague on our welfare, we are increasingly missing out on vital elements that were abundant in earlier times. 

In the current mass produced fast-food landscape, much of what we consume has negative effects on our gut health and immune system and pollutes the body with chemicals, toxins and preservatives. Have you ever looked at a food label and wondereded what most of the ingredients were? It’s really no wonder there are reports claiming the decomposition of human bodies has slowed due to a high intake of chemicals and preservatives. 

To maintain optimal health, we need a range of essential nutrients, including around 29 elements, 14 vitamins, nine amino acids and two essential fatty acids. Although plants produce their own individual and varying vitamins, minerals are another story. A plant can only contain minerals that are supplied by the soil. As nutrient-dense produce and soil decreases, we’ve been looking for new, or in this case ancient, sources of nutrients and vitamins, untouched and unaffected by chemicals and pollution. 

Jurassic Nutritional Therapy includes three products designed to improve gut health, strengthen the immune system and help remove toxins from the body. 

First up is Fossil Shell Flour or diatomaceous earth, which you may have heard of before. It has gone by many names including dinosaur dust, miracle mineral and skeleton powder. Fossil Shell Flour is a natural fine powder consisting of algae skeletons or fossilised ancient phytoplankton (diatoms). It is a valuable source of silica, which has been shown to improve gut health, the digestive system and reduce build-up bacteria that causes bloating while delivering numerous other health benefits. 

Next on the menu is Fulvic Humic Concentrate or FHC, which is derived from fossilised nutrient-rich plant material (Leonardite) that has been buried and compressed in a natural vein. Forming over millions of years and preserved in its living and pure form, it contains all the major and trace elements free from today’s pollution, chemicals and pesticides. These natural veins are quite rare and only found in certain places with the right geological conditions and components, our United States source is considered one of the best in the world. Fulvic and Humic acids are naturally occurring in soils and have resulted in strengthening the immune system, improving circulation and balancing cell life. 

Micronised VolcaMin is a rich source of zeolites, which in terms of detoxification, are a game changer. Zeolites develop over thousands of years, forming in hardened lava that has met with the ocean. One of the few negatively charged minerals found in nature, zeolites are unique in structure, and are reminiscent of honeycomb. With each chamber negatively charged, positively charged toxins like lead and mercury are attracted to its unique structure. Zeolites work like a magnet, travelling through the body attracting and trapping toxins. And since we don’t store zeolites, they exit the body once bound to a toxin or two. Our Micronised VolcaMin provides an excellent natural detox, removing toxins and heavy metals from the body and helping to restore the body’s pH levels to a healthy alkalinity. 

As studies are beginning to identify the health impacts of ancient nutrients, we are sourcing and creating premium products available in easy-to-use supplements for people, animals and plants. 

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Great products....

29 July 2018
Hello Adam, Quite some time ago (last year?) I bought some products from Plant Doctor. Must say, since applying products (volcamin, H/A, F/A and some flower promoter) my little dwarf lemon tree and my bougainvillea are looking so much better! All the other plants are as well, but with those two the difference is striking! So pleased. For them, as well as me...... Al the best. Regards, John.

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