Neem: The No. 1 herb of today

Author: Adam Fitzhenry   Date Posted:29 July 2019 

Who doesn't need neem?! Loaded with beneficial things like antioxidants, Vitamin E and antibacterial properties, neem really should be your, your animal's and your plant's new best friend!


It’s been hailed as a miracle tree, especially as an insect control mechanism, but did you also know neem can be used as a skin soother and helps our plants and pets? Well it does!

Neem has long been a popular medicinal herb that has been used in traditional remedies for thousands of years. With over 130 different biologically active compounds, neem makes it relatively easy to see how nature offers a helping hand when it comes to health and well-being.

While neem oil is generally the most commonly used neem product, there are many more purposes and benefits neem has to offer. Plant Doctor recently increased the selection of neem products, so we thought it important to tell you a bit about why neem is needed to help better not only your health, but your plants and animals as well.

What is neem?

Neem is a tree native to north-eastern India. All parts of this fast-growing evergreen are used for different things including the bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seed, twigs and the fruit.

The name ‘neem’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘nimba’ meaning ‘bestower of good health’. It has also earnt the names ‘The Wonder Tree’ and “The Tree of the 21st Century’.

What is neem used for?

Neem is very commonly used as a natural insect control, but it is now also widely used for skin care, pet health, medicinal purposes, lawn and garden care and as an ingredient in a multitude of products. Used topically, neem can help soothe skin ailments such as inflammation, irritation, heat rashes and much more!

Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, neem oil is eco-friendly and is 100 per cent biodegradable, making it an ideal natural and organic alternative.

How neem benefits people

Neem has been a standout hit when it comes to skincare! Rich in fatty acids that have been known to build collagen, neem oil is loaded with ingredients that benefit the skin! In fact, neem oil was one of the most-searched skincare ingredients of 2018.

Research has revealed that neem can penetrate the skin effectively, healing cracks that are caused from dryness and helping your skin retain moisture.

Because of its antibacterial properties, antioxidant and Vitamin E content, neem has also been known to help reduce the appearance of scars, fade dark spots from acne, assist with healing wounds, dandruff, dry skin and much more.

All you basically need to know, is when it comes to neem, its beneficial properties are impressive! We have a number of neem products for skincare including soap, capsules, herbal cream, body lotion, moisturising cream, facial packs and shampoos and conditioners.

Neem for animal health

Because neem has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and insects don’t seem to like it, neem should be your animals’ new best friend! Many pet owners have reported that neem products have helped with skin issues, heat rashes and irritations.          

Plant Doctor has a number of neem products formulated for animals including shampoo, conditioner, grooming shampoo, powder and massage oil.

How neem benefits plants, gardens and produce

One of the biggest advantages of using neem on your lawns and gardens is that it’s not toxic to humans, animals, birds, bees and earthworms.

Neem contains a biological component called azadirachtin, which is an effective insect control mechanism, as it alters the hormonal system of insects and mites, leading them to stop reproducing, metamorphosizing and feeding.

The properties of azadirachtin may also improve the soil by encouraging earthworm activity – whose plants don’t love these guys! Talk about a garden warrior, neem has also been known to help combat fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, black spot, rust, leaf spot and anthracnose.

When using neem oil on your gardens and lawns, remember that oil breaks down faster in the sunlight, so it’s best to apply in the evening, this also coincides with when beneficial insects are less active.

We have plenty of neem products formulated for your lawns and gardens including Plant Spray, Neem seed oil and fertiliser granules.  

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