Rescue Remedy - soluble Seaweed powder/flakes - 500g

100% Organic Certified Ascophyllum nodosum

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Product Description

Arguably the highest analysis Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) fertiliser product in Australia. Available in a 100% soluble powder to flake, which reduces transport costs, this seaweed root stimulant can be used through irrigation or as a highly productive foliar spray/fertiliser.

Kelp is a natural source of auxins, cytokinin’s and gibberellins, and these ingredients, in conjunction with the comprehensive range of trace elements, amino acids and chelating agents found in kelp, can provide many benefits. Kelp also contains complex carbohydrates which are a powerful beneficial microbial stimulant - the microbial (fauna & flora) component within the soil can be boosted dramatically with our ‘Rescue Remedy’.

Kelp is a core component in biological agriculture. It is an indispensable bio-stimulant which can provide the following benefits:

  • Frost protection - kelp is a recognised anti-freeze.
  • Bio-protection – via root-zone stimulation.
  • Root stimulation – the larger the roots the better the yield.
  • To help increase brix levels.
  • Improved flowering and fruit set.
  • A “rescue remedy” – kelp can support and rejuvenate during stress periods.
  • Stockfeed supplementation – favoured by leading animal nutritionists

When to Use:

  • For broad-spectrum nutrition and hormonal stimulation.
  • To relieve plants suffering from some kind of stress ie drought, heat, water logging, frost, transplanting etc.
  • To help improve shelf-life.
  • To help boost disease and pest resistance.
  • To help increase brix levels.

APPLICATION – Dissolve prior to use as per below

General use


10g per 10L water or 10gm/100m2, apply fortnightly or

as required


Foliar spray:



100g per 100L water, up to 250g/ha

1kg/ha, every 1-2 weeks until flowering

Orchards, vineyards, ornamentals

Foliar spray:



100g per 100L water, up to 500g/ha

1kg/ha, twice prior to flowering


Foliar spray:




100g per 100L water, up to 250g/ha, 10gm/100m2

1kg/ha, as required

Broadacre crops & pasture


100g/ha in 60-100L water, just prior to flowering


Note: May not be compatible with acidic fertilisers such as calcium nitrate, liquid phosphates and sulphate-based trace elements. Always jar test prior to combination.



Nitrogen 1%

Phosphorus 0.8%

Potassium 16-21%

Iron 0.1-0.4%

Sulphur 1%

Calcium 0.15-0.2%

Magnesium 0.3-0.6%

Boron 24ppm

Cobalt 1-5ppm

Iodine 500-850ppm

Manganese 24-40ppm

Copper Max 20ppm

Nickel Max 3ppm

Zinc Max 100ppm

Mannitol 7%

Cytokinins/gibberellin 600ppm

Alginic acid 18%

Amino acids 1.5%


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Great for stressed plants

By: on 25 July 2021
I’ve been using Rescue Remedy for a couple weeks now mainly for transplants and some other stressed potted plants I have, and I’ve noticed my plants popping back up and thriving again. Will keep using this!

Really rescued one of my plants. Also perfect for

By: on 1 June 2021
Got a golden photos not happy with yellowing leaves a few weeks ago but has since been rescued successfully through the help of this product. It is also vital for my outdoor plants this winter season just so little helps them a lot to be ok this winter.

Rescue remedy

By: on 23 January 2021
Very good product a little goes a long way and its very affective.

Natural biostimulant

By: on 20 October 2018
Kelp is a all natural biostimulant I've been using this for a month now and have been happy with the way it's supported the turf recover after my renovation. The natural stimulant on kelp support root and leaf growth

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Customer Reviews


First time owning lawn. Gave the team at plant doctor a ring and they supplied me with a wealth of information. Products turned up quickly.


Will definitely be getting more 8 weeks difference been using stimulizer, activ8mate, soil wetter, seaweed secrets and champion fertiliser. Was super fast delivery.


Amazing products!! The results are excellent and the prices are even better! Postage was only 2 days as well. Highly recommended!


Only have great things to say about Plant Doctor. Organic products and a competitive price, fast shipping and easy to contact with questions. Have had great results with the special mix for lawns, and my plants (indoor and outdoor) love the seaweed secrets. I am excited to test out some of the animal products soon!

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