Stimulizer - Super Concentrated Bio-stimulant - 30ml dropper bottle

fulvic based with minerals and nutrients

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Super concentrate, premium Fulvic acid based product, but so much more. A powerful bio-stimulant with more than 75 minerals, humic acid extracts and natural plant stimulants.


This unique formula is a ‘Trade Secret’ and has been invented by Plant Doctors founder, Daniel Fitzhenry, with unbelievable results. Stimulizer has been used by Hydroponics’ Growers and professional growers across Australia and the world. It is an immediately available form of food, both to the plant, and the soil microbes needed for a healthy soil. Stimulizer eliminates root rot diseases under certain conditions and stimulates roots unlike any other known product. Stimulizer is compatible with a wider range of materials, whether they are acidic or alkaline. Arguably, Stimulizer is the most valuable input in creating a healthy well-balanced soil for plants to thrive in. It is also described as the ‘missing link’ in plant nutrition.



· Pythium and other Root Rot diseases have been controlled.

· Powerful chelating agent.

· Increase uptake of foliar applied fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides & fungicides.

· Stimulizer-chelated materials have a rapid entry through the plant membranes (as little as 4hrs).

· Increases root growth and healthy root development for increased access to soil nutrients.

· Increases brix levels in the plant.

· Plants are less prone to wilting.

· Increases & stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity & reduces harmful microbes.

· Increase soil moisture retention.

· Increases stomata opening, also increasing photosynthesis. Useful in cloudy weather.

· Increases yield.

· Stimulate cell elongation and division.

· Has a unique capacity to readily dissolve minerals & trace elements

· Detoxifies various pollutants in the soil (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc).

· Stabilise urea when soil applied.

· Increase the plants immune system.



· To combat & protect plants from root diseases.

· When wilting occurs in the plant.

· Combine with Fertiliser/Insecticides/Herbicides/Fungicides to increase uptake.

· When organic carbon levels are low.

· When valuable soil nutrients are locked up and unavailable.


Download Application Rates Document or please refer to the rear label in the images for application rates. 


Product Application

Download Application Rates Document or please refer to the rear label in the images for application rates. 



Popular Questions

Q: Can Stimulizer be used with products such as PGRs?

A: Stimulizer can be used with all liquid inputs, including PGRs and herbicides, etc for a quicker uptake. However, we do suggest completing a small jar test and apply the combination of products in a test area to determine whether there is an adverse effect.

Q: What is the capacity of the Stimulizer dropper?

A: 20 drops equal 1ml.

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Amount of Reviews: 96

Stimulizer liquid

By: on 22 July 2022
This product really works, thanks for quality products Doctor

Great for helping foliar applications absorb even

By: on 18 April 2022
Great for helping foliar applications absorb even faster. Worked a treat when I applied this with liquid iron

A must have to make your lawn stand out

By: on 14 April 2022
Wish i purchased this Stimulizer earlier! Really helped my lawn absorb all the nurtients and noticed great results

Amazing Green Zoysia

By: on 23 March 2022
I use the Plant Doctor Stimulizer on both my Empire and Augusta Zoysia in conjunction Natures Soil Wetter, Liquid Iron, Quantum, Seaweed Secrets and Activ8Mate and they bring a depth of healthy colour to my lawn that I have not seen with any other combination of products that I've tried


By: on 8 March 2022
Was hesitant at first, however this product really does make a difference and I'd never do another application without it!!

Great Quality Bio-Stimulant!

By: on 16 February 2022
My lawn struggles throughout the cooler months with root rot. This product is a great addition to the lawn fanatics out there! Lasts for ages to!

Goes in every foliar application

By: on 11 February 2022
Doesn’t matter if I’m weeding or feeding, I chuck a bit of stimulizer in. Puts a rocket up whatever you’re applying.


By: on 11 February 2022
Great product to use alongside other liquid ferts/soil amendments. Speedy and quick delivery once ordered.

Awesome product!

By: on 11 January 2022
Handy 1L bottle will last a while! Small app. rates and can mix with just about anything.


By: on 30 December 2021
This is one of my go to products to use for the lawn and around the garden when I want that extra boost.


By: on 26 December 2021
Instant boost for plants soo stimulating!

Stimulize that lawn!

By: on 26 December 2021
Wonderful product great for foliar applications teamed with iron see results very fast. Used with a pgr application and iron to beat a slight yellow off and worked flawlessly!

Great product

By: on 23 December 2021
Really makes a difference in uptake when added to other plant doctor products

Great little product

By: on 22 November 2021
I apply this with my Ben Sims mix through the fertigation system.


By: on 15 October 2021
Recently used this product with my special mix application and the popped within hours! A must with any liquid application, game changer


By: on 30 September 2021
How can so little do so much?? No idea but it works

healthy plants

By: on 24 September 2021
I used the recommended dose of stimulizer on my potted plants and quickly noticed a great improvement to the plants. They are 'stronger', have greener foliage and generally look like a happier and healthier plant. Great product.


By: on 7 September 2021
I brought this product to help with propagating my plants. It’s great, it’s accelerates root growth and helps prevent the stem rot you can offen get when taking cuttings.

great product!

By: on 15 July 2021
I bought a bulk order of the ben sims pack which included this product and a variety of others. I Have been very satisfied this season with the results. Grass has handled the temperatures well with the assistance to plant doctors foliar products. The turf looks great and loves the applications. At a competitive price, i highly recommend. to assist liquid ferts (and pesticides/weed killers) soak into the leaf. you can see it work straight away when mixed into the sprayer.

Great little product

By: on 2 July 2021
Great product so many goodies in this little package

Excellent Supplement product

By: on 11 June 2021
Have tested out in my kelp mix without and with the product in the mix. You can definitely see the improvement in lawn and vege plant in the garden bed straight away. So it is a must have product in your liquid fert arsenal weapon.

Keeping my lawn going through Autumn and into Wint

By: on 21 May 2021
I've applied this with a kelp extract to my lawn and I think it's making the previously applied granular fert more available as well to keep the growth going and get the roots as strong as possible for winter. Still a deep green even though it's getting a lot of shade now and morning frost in Melbourne.

Top Shelf Gear

By: on 14 April 2021
I don't know whats in this stuff but it packs a punch when mixed with other liquid applications! Excellent value as well as such a small amount is required.


By: on 3 March 2021
I have no idea what's in it but it makes everything work so much better. Can see the difference in results when I haven't used to to when I have. Well worth it.

Great product

By: on 26 February 2021
I bought a bulk order of the ben sims pack which included this product and a variety of others. I Have been very satisfied this season with the results. Grass has handled the temperatures well with the assistance to plant doctors foliar products. Stimulizer has also been used with my pest and weed control applications and has been a great addition to help boost. At a competitive price, i highly recommend.

Stimulizer. What only 3ml ??

By: on 21 January 2021
When reading about this product I though what is 3ml/100sq going to do. Apparently a lot. There is so much great lawn nutrients in this to assist my lawn to fight of disease and as the name suggests stimulate root growth.

Small but mighty!

By: on 9 January 2021
This product is small but packs a punch. Great value and highly effective!

Sensational mix

By: on 4 January 2021
I purchased the Ben Sims Lawn Tips pack for my instant turf couch and all of the products have been sensational. The improvement in my couch at a former residence, in which I did not use these products, and the couch at our new place, in which I use these products, is 10 fold. Very happy.

Great products from PD

By: on 4 January 2021
I have been using this in combination with other liquids from PD - Soil Wetter, Quantum H, Seaweed secrets, and liquid iron. They have worked great and my lawn and plants and healthy, lush and tolerant of all weather conditions. Highly recommend getting all these and spraying using a knapsack every 2-4 weeks.

Awesome product once again.

By: on 9 December 2020
Been using this now every week with all my other plant doctor products, and has made my lawn stand out so much! Thanks plant doctor!

The Unsung Hero

By: on 15 November 2020
I've been using the Stimulizer with some of the other plant doctor products. It really helps the take up with my lawn.

The Perfect Buddy

By: on 13 October 2020
Whether running Activ8 or Seaweed Secrets, a few mls as directed of this wonder liquid has helped achieve great results for my lawn

Just a little bit!!

By: on 11 October 2020
Amazing how little product required to see results, a must for all applications

Great product

By: on 4 October 2020
such a good product. I use with all my foliar products and when treating any lawn diseases


By: on 2 October 2020
Used in with conjunction of other products gives plants that boost, during the drought plants survived without any dramas. Highly recommended. Value for money a little goes along way. Super Fast delivery of all products

Great product

By: on 23 September 2020
I use this on my lawns, garden beds and veg beds, great product at a fantastic price.


By: on 20 September 2020
Great product to use with all folar sprays, helps uptake of all the nutrients and lasts forever

Less is more

By: on 19 September 2020
I use just a few drops of this product along with liquid fertiliser and seaweed secrets. Supposed to boost the uptake of products by the plant. Happy with the product and great service by Plant Doctor.

Amazing results.

By: on 25 August 2020
Can definitely see results using stimulizer with active8

A new winter staple

By: on 27 July 2020
I used this just before winter to increase root growth on all of my plants and lawn to protect from frosts. Along with potash my winter garden has never looked so heatlhy! Far less die back, and foliage looks the best it ever has at this time of year. Tip - you only need a very small amount of this per application.

Highly recommended

By: on 22 July 2020
Ordered my product and had them delivered within 48 hours (for free!!) Very helpful team and support to finding the right solution for my needs. Great experience as well as value for money and can’t wait to see the results of the products. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that PD products are the way to go. Plus supporting a local business make it the purchase even better. Thanks guys!


By: on 18 July 2020
Ordered this product early this week and had it delivered within 48 hours (for free!!) Very helpful team and support to finding the right solution for my needs. Great experience as well as value for money and can’t wait to see the results of the products. Thanks guys!


By: on 7 July 2020
I added to my hydroponic system. Great results observed compared to the ones I have yet to added, 1 week into it and there were significant root growth vs the other tomatoes, and with the crazy Melbourne weather this week, the system with stimulizer had a quicker recovery from the frost a few days back. Definitely recommend any home growers out there to use this; price point they are competitive as well.

Stimulizer is an Amazing Product

By: on 18 June 2020
Stimulizer is an amazing product. Outstanding results observed when used with Plant Doctor Liquid Iron which achieves visible plant uptake in a matter of hours and my soil health has never been better. Highly recommend this product.

Great booster

By: on 25 May 2020
Applied this with liquid fertiliser and my grass was super green, upright and glistening in the sun the very next day.


By: on 8 May 2020
Have been adding Stimulizer to my knapsack among other products from Plant Doctor with great results!


By: on 26 April 2020
This is great to add to any fertilisers you use to add an extra boost! The only thing i have found using this product is that the mix ratio is very low, i wasn't seeing huge results, so i ended up doubling the ratio and i have notice and seen much better results at still a very low mix ratio. If you want to take your lawn and gardens to the next level, then i recommend adding this to your collection.

Value for Money

By: on 29 February 2020
Its great how little you have to use, to get a fantastic results. Love it


By: on 9 January 2020
The multivitamin for your lawn. Nuff said.

Does well

By: on 9 January 2020
Very small dosage required. Sometimes hard to measure but good product

Cannot go wrong with this!

By: on 7 January 2020
Excellent value for money product to increase the health of your plants, the dose per sqm is so darn low that a bottle will last ages. This goes into every app I do, lawn and plants indoor and out.

Bang for buck

By: on 5 January 2020
I have had the same 1l for near 2 years now, using every 2 weeks on foliar applications love the difference in uptake

Pocket Rocket

By: on 19 December 2019
Amazing how little of this is needed but seems to do a lot

Stimulizer - Super Concentrate Bio stimulant & sup

By: on 4 November 2019
Seemed to make everything else perform better. Works nice in the Ben Simms combo mix.


By: on 23 October 2019
Great value for money - a little goes a long way


By: on 22 September 2019
A great value for money product. Will be adding it to all my mixes.

Great Product

By: on 20 September 2019
Such a versatile product - able to use on hydroponics, lawns etc. Seeing definite improvements to both since I've started using. Also at the dosage rates required for good performance, it is great value for money!


By: on 18 September 2019
A great value for money product. Will be adding it to all my mixes and looking forward to faster uptake of all liquids.

great product

By: on 13 September 2019
A great value for money product that helps all the products I mix take their full effect. Will definitely be order more of this stimulizer

great product for root disease

By: on 11 September 2019
Had some dead root disease and this managed to clear it all up post dethatchment, highly recomened

Goes a long way

By: on 24 August 2019
Has worked brilliantly when applied with Ben’s special mix. Great value for money!

Simulate your lawn mix.

By: on 20 August 2019
Adding this to your lawn solution mix is amazing. The improvement in uptake rate is 10/10. Your lawn will love you and your neighbours envy you.

Great Value for Money

By: on 19 August 2019
A great value for money product that helps all the products I mix take their full effect. Will definitely be order more of this stimulizer

Very Effective

By: on 11 August 2019
Goes a very long way, you only need to add a very small amount in conjunction with your other products and get a significant improvement. Great product to add along with whatever mix you are using.

great product

By: on 2 August 2019
added this to my mixture this week after reading the reviews and it gives a great little boost

great value for money

By: on 25 June 2019
you only need to add a small amount when spraying liquids. noticed a much better uptake after using this. worth every penny.

Must have

By: on 18 June 2019
Worth getting and adding to your mix to ensure you get that extra boost

Brilliant !

By: on 14 June 2019
a no brainer to add o the bundle packs !!! the take up achieved with the other products is superb, a must have !

A little goes a long way

By: on 25 April 2019
Great value with only a small amount needed to make an impact. Well worth the purchase to use in conjunction with other plant doctor products.

Stimulizer for the lawn

By: on 18 April 2019
I have never seen so many runners. This stuff later a long time you only need a little to get great results.

Amazing Value

By: on 16 April 2019
A splash goes along way. Makes all the difference in my special mix. Very happy healthy LaPrima Couch

A Must Have

By: on 29 March 2019
If you’re serious about your garden, never forget to have Stimulizer in your arsenal. Amazing at feeding your soil, it covers all the bases and gives you peace of mind that your plants can thrive in all climates

Supplement turbo charge

By: on 23 March 2019
Gives lots of other products a turbo boost during application. Delivery so quick it was almost handed through the computer monitor! Highly recommended.

Awesome product

By: on 19 March 2019
This product has taken our lawn to the next level. Wouldn’t be without it.

Works great

By: on 11 March 2019
On my second bottle now last one last about a year amazed how little you see nice healthy results from you the bomb plant doctor keep it up deffinately recommend it

Amazing Results

By: on 10 March 2019
So i have been using stimulizer for almost two months now along with other PD products and i am amazed at the results will definitely be getting more.

Small Amount = Big Results

By: on 5 March 2019
Adding just a tiny amount of Stimulizer when spraying Plant Doctor products is delivering fantastic results. My grass in healthier, stronger and lusher. My grevilleas have always struggled in too much shade and I'd almost given up trying to save them. Only a day after using Stimulizer, new growth was bursting out all over! The application rate is minuscule so a little of this concentrated elixir goes a very long way. I mix it with just about everything I spray in the garden and wouldn't be without it. Incredible stuff.

Great for healthy lawns

By: on 12 February 2019
Bought this with some other PD products as part of trying to reduce my retic use and keep my lawn healthy. Sprayed a couple of times already in my spray mix and can see the soil is retaining water longer and leaf colour and density doesn’t fade as much. Great to help hold onto water and nutrients, and for the normal residential lawn a bottle lasts a long time!

Simply Amazing

By: on 8 February 2019
After adding a very small amount of stimulizer to each of my Plant doctor mixes, the results have been amazing! The Grass is so heathly, and the soil and root system has really become fertile and holds moisture even in our WA hot summers!. Using this product each time I apply seaweed Secrets, and active8 it has really taken my lawn to the next level! Would highly recommend using this in combination with other Plant Doctor Products with an overall turf care management plan. Thanks Plant Doctor!!!

Really Impressed

By: on 7 February 2019
Have used many different Fulvic products and this stuff is at the top of the list,very impressed with the results

Put it in everything! Supercharged

By: on 10 January 2019
What a powerful product at such little application rates. I mix it in with all liquid applications, even with weed killers and it supercharges it!. Get on it

The little hero of the family.

By: on 2 January 2019
What a bang for your buck this is. 3ml per 100sqm, I put this in with everything. Every time something in sprayed on my lawn stimulizer is in the mix. I has made a world of difference especially in conjunction with products like liquid iron, seaweed secrets and Acti8mate. Another staple with her spray.

great stuff

By: on 17 December 2018
i used this with a couple other products main one being activ8 mate. ifound the combination really made the grass dense up

Great for weed spraying also

By: on 16 December 2018
As well as using this in the lawn with good results, I have applied it to my last few glyphospate sprays. It has helped speed up the weeds dying off with weeds starting to die in 36 hours.

Fantastic results

By: on 13 December 2018
use this with Natures Soil Wetter. Have achieved great results!

Super juice

4 December 2018
Combined this with Activ8mate on the lawn and bang, 2 weeks later the lawn is stripping up beautifully. Really like how a little goes a long way. Really great stuff guys.

Has to be good!

By: on 1 December 2018
I use this stuff added to my liquid mixes because Ben from Lawn Tips on Youtube says it is good and prevents and cures disease so if he says it is good then I will use it! 3ml per app is nothing so why not get some?


By: on 17 November 2018
I am impressed with the results my lawn is best on the block in just a few months of use. Garden is thriving and it’s so concentrated it will last a very long time.

Absolutely brilliant

By: on 8 November 2018
This product is superb my lawn is loving me using this with seaweed secrets and activ8mate

Great for the veggie garden

By: on 5 November 2018
We’ve been using Stimulizer for close to a year now. We use it on all our garden from lawn, plants (including natives) and veggie & fruit. The citrus & veggies have just taken off so well after using for around 6 months. When pulling out our veggies the root system has boomed and it’s helped reduce moulds during winter. Love this stuff!


By: on 4 November 2018
I add when spraying my liquid fertilizers. Have had great results so far.


By: on 21 October 2018
Easy to use. Recently did a soil profile and noticed some outstoubding root development on my 5 month old turf. I’m certain stimuliser has been the main contributing factor. Love Plant Doctor products!!


By: on 20 October 2018
I add this to all my liquid fertilizers and any spray amendments. Good product which helps increase uptake especially in my iron sprays

Longer Roots

By: on 19 October 2018
I have seen some great results relating to root growth. An increase in root mass has also been observed.

Utilizing for other issuss

By: on 17 October 2018
I had a issue with pythium, tried everything a fellow lawn fanatic suggested this and solved the issue in 2 bbn applications!! Brilliant product

Works Well

By: on 11 October 2018
Excellent product ! Added it to Activ8mate liquid fertiliser and the results have been outstanding. Also paired it with some recent herbicide treatment and results were great.

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Customer Reviews


First time owning lawn. Gave the team at plant doctor a ring and they supplied me with a wealth of information. Products turned up quickly.


Will definitely be getting more 8 weeks difference been using stimulizer, activ8mate, soil wetter, seaweed secrets and champion fertiliser. Was super fast delivery.


Amazing products!! The results are excellent and the prices are even better! Postage was only 2 days as well. Highly recommended!


Only have great things to say about Plant Doctor. Organic products and a competitive price, fast shipping and easy to contact with questions. Have had great results with the special mix for lawns, and my plants (indoor and outdoor) love the seaweed secrets. I am excited to test out some of the animal products soon!

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