The superfoods you need for a super start to 2020!

Author: Adam Fitzhenry   Date Posted:16 January 2020 

Are you trying to begin 2020 with a healthy and super start?! Well we have you covered with our selection of superfoods that will give your new year a healthy kick start!

It’s safe to say that most of us want a healthy start to the year, especially following the silly season! Don’t worry, we’re fairly confident you’re not alone in making more health-conscious and nutritious decisions and we’re here to help.

It’s generally advised to start small and one way you can do that is by adding some nutritious superfoods to your diet. So, here are our top picks for giving your 2020 a healthy kick start!  

Diatomaceous Earth or Fossil Shell Flour

Pronounced ‘dia-tom-ay-shus’ Diatomaceous Earth or Fossil Shell Flour is the fossilised remains of microscopic organisms that are mostly made of silica, an essential mineral if you want strong bones and healthy skin, hair and nails. Now, you might be wondering what the difference between Diatomaceous Earth and Fossil Shell Flour is. While they are both forms of Diatomaceous Earth (DE for short), DE packaged under the Fossil Shell Flower label is sourced from an extremely pure freshwater deposit, guaranteeing its high quality and purity.

Although the health benefits of Food grade Diatomaceous Earth are still being discovered and explored, it has been known to help with the following:

  • Helps improve digestion and more regular bowel movements
  • Improved detoxification and may help remove heavy metals
  • Can cleanse intestinal walls and digestive tract
  • Helps reduce parasites and bugs
  • Assists with increasing mineral absorption
  • Helps reduce gas and bloating
  • Promotes healthier-looking skin, hair and nails
  • Helps improve energy levels

For a more in-depth read about Fossil Shell Flour, check out our blog An old, but new age superfood – Fossil Shell Flour. Plant Doctor’s Fossil Shell Flour is available in both capsules and powder form.

Micronised VolcaMin or Zeolites

If you’re looking for a detox to kick off the new year, this is it! Micronised VolcaMin is a rich source of zeolites, which in terms of detoxification, is a game changer. Zeolites are a volcanic mineral, one of the few negatively charged minerals found in nature and are unique in structure, oddly enough, they resemble honeycomb.

With each chamber negatively charged, positively charged toxins like lead and mercury are attracted to its unique structure. Zeolites work like a magnet, travelling through the body attracting and trapping toxins, and since we don’t store zeolites, they exit the body once bound to a toxin or two. Our VolcaMin Zeolite is available in both a powder and capsules.

Fulvic acid or FHC

It’s often called ‘nature’s miracle molecule’ and considered the ultimate ‘nutrient booster’ and for good reason! Fulvic acid or FHC (Fulvic Humic Concentrate) is a collective of vitamins and nutrients that help improve gut health, including trace elements, electrolytes, probiotics, prebiotics, fatty acids and silica.

The benefits of fulvic can include:

  • Helps improve skin and complexion
  • All-round improvement in health
  • Helps prevent colds and allergies
  • Can increase blood oxygen
  • Helps improve heart function

Find our FHC here.

Moringa Oleifera

Morgina is a miracle plant that is loaded with all the good stuff including 13 different vitamins, minerals and roughly 20 types of amino acids by nature – which is why it should be on your superfood hit list! It is also an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and vitamin C.

Moringa’s benefits can include:

  • Boost to immune system
  • Helps support the body’s metabolism and cell structure
  • Can strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Helps detoxify
  • Can promote better sleep

Plant Doctor has some great options when it comes to Moringa including powder capsules, powder, tea bags and hand cream.

Turmeric with Black Pepper and Ginger

It’s for more than just curries and stir-fries! Turmeric is loaded with active ingredients, the predominant one being curcumin which offers powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

With the added Ginger and Black Pepper, these capsules help promote healthier living and can offer benefits such as:

  • Helping treat skin conditions
  • Can provide anti-inflammatory effects
  • Helps promote healthy liver and gallbladder
  • Can help with digestive functions and relieve mild digestive upsets

Neem Leaf capsules

Trust us! Neem is what you need! These neem leaf capsules are vegan friendly, made with naturally dried Australian grown neem leaf and offer a multitude of benefits.

Neem has been known for the following benefits:

  • Can offer anti-inflammatory effects
  • Can provide antioxidant effects
  • Helps enhance liver activities
  • Assists with boosting immune system  

These capsules are available in quantities of 40 and 300 and can be found here.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are legendary, and these capsules offer all the perks without the taste! GMO-free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly, this apple cider vinegar has been aged for nine months in oak barrels and is combined with MOTHER, which provides strands of protein, enzymes and friendly bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar has been known to:

  • Help lower cholesterol
  • Assist with reducing blood sugar levels
  • Can increase metabolism and speeding up weight loss
  • Help support gut health

Each capsule contains 500mg of naturally fermented Australian organic apple cider vinegar which is equivalent to roughly a one metric tablespoon of liquid, find them here.

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